Rick Perry

Along with cooler weather in general and a little more rain this Spring has come some relief from really dirty air in DFW. Last year at this time, we'd already had 6 "exceedences" of the old 1997 85 parts per billion ozone standard in May, and countless exceedences of the tougher new 75 ppb standard […]


An Idea Worthy of Our Consideration

by jim on November 14, 2012

Under current law, EPA can designate states to enforce federal environmental laws if they, in fact, actually enforce the law and run competent programs. Once given by the EPA, rarely is this power taken away from a state. But when a state doesn't do a good job of enforcing the law or runs a program […]


Here in DFW, we've paid the price of continuing dirty air for the state's bias toward blaming all air quality problems in DFW on cars. As cars got so much cleaner, all of our smog problems were supposed to literally go "poof." This was almost the entire basis of the just-failed TCEQ clean air plan, […]