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  • Dear Mayor Johnson, City Council, and City Manager

    This September saw the 1000 day since the first front-page article on the Shingle Mountain illegal dump was published in the Dallas Morning News and the City of Dallas became aware of this environmental and health scandal. It’s been almost 500 days since the City’s largest illegal dump was ordered to be cleaned up. Yet it remains, causing continuing health problems for Choate Street residents living underneath it .

    While the City of Dallas recently requested bids for removal and disposal of the dump, it still refuses to give Choate Street residents a legally binding date-certain to begin the actual clean-up. Given all the excuses and broken promises made by the City in the past two years, residents are skeptical about its plans.

    After this length of time, with health problems among Choate Street residents growing more severe, requesting bids isn’t good enough. We demand you give Choate Street residents a legally binding date for the Shingle Mountain clean up. Removing inanimate Confederate statutes warranted an Emergency Order from this City Hall that cut through red tape. So far, relieving human suffering at Shingle Mountain doesn’t.

    The City’s record on this matter is despicable. The least it can do now is provide a complete clean-up as soon as possible. That begins by immediately announcing a firm start date. Nothing else counts.