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  • Dear City Plan Commissioners,

    RE: Regarding SUP request for a rock crusher and placement of fill in Floral Farms, ENZ 201-157

    I'm writing to oppose the upcoming SUP request for a rock crusher and fill on a site next door to residential homes in the Floral Farms neighborhood.

    After years of harm caused by illegal dumping and general neglect ,including the recent Shingle Mountain crisis, the residents of Floral Farms deserve better from the City of Dallas. More industry in their neighborhood threatens the health, safety and quality of life of the children, and adults in the community.

    According to the land use statement submitted with the application, “the site will be used as a materials yard and will contain areas for dumping, crushing, and loading of rock materials.” This land use does not align with the vision Neighbors United has for their neighborhood and surrounding areas as outlined in the grassroots Neighborhood-led Plan the community has drafted.

    We support Neighbors United in fighting for a Floral Farms that remains a safe, agricultural-focused community without threat of further industrial encroachment. We hope that you share our support for the future development of this community, to align with the vision the residents have outlined in their own Plan.