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  • Re: Comments on proposed Agreed Final Judgment in: City of Dallas and State of Texas v. Blue Star Recycling LLC; Almira Industrial and Trading Corp.; CCR Equity Holdings One, LLC; 9505 S. Central Expressway, In Rem; 9527 S. Central Expressway, In Rem; and Chris Ganter; Cause No. DC-18-18651, in the 191st Judicial District, Dallas County, Texas.

    Removal of all waste from the Shingle Mountain illegal dump is absolutely necessary for public health. Since the City of Dallas has signed an agreement and received payment of $1 million from the site’s landowner to assume responsibility for this task, there’s no reason this clean-up should be delayed.

    However, it’s clear the City isn’t prepared to remove the waste without doing additional damage to public health. We demand the City provide the following:

    1) A comprehensive clean-up of Shingle Mountain that doesn’t leave any hazards or contaminants behind. The proposed settlement doesn’t require anyone to do any environmental clean-up of the property after the waste is removed. There is no requirement that the City-proposed “Environmental Site Assessment” (ESA) will lead to any remediation of the site. Even if this Assessment shows some environmental harm, there is no requirement to fix it. That’s unacceptable.

    2) Offer temporary relocation to all Choate Street residents during length of the clean-up. After three years, no one should have to stay and risk further exposure to toxins during their removal.

    3) Ongoing air quality monitoring, dust suppression and environmental controls during the clean-up are not in the proposed settlement and must be provided. Three years of decomposition has produced thousands of tons of hazardous small particulate matter that can create large local plumes when disturbed. Don’t make public health worse by doing so without containment and control.

    4)A guarantee that If the City of Dallas fails to clean-up the waste from the site within the legally-required deadline, the State will assume responsibility for the clean-up and the complete environmental remediation of the property.

    Thank you for your consideration