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  • Dear Senator West

    I urge you to demand the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) revoke the 2018 state permit of the Blue Star used asphalt shingle operation, otherwise known as “Shingle Mountain,” located in your district.

    A recent TCEQ inspection report makes it clear the company is breaking or never intended to follow important health and safety permit provisions:

    1. Blue Star promised it wouldn’t store more than 260 tons of combustible material. It’s recently admitted to storing approximately 60,000 tons of combustible used asphalt shingles in December. That total is probably much higher now.

    2. Blue Star said it would have an approved Fire Protection Plan. It doesn’t.

    3. Blue Star is supposed to have a state air permit to operate the grinders that shred asphalt shingles into dust. It doesn’t.

    4. Blue Star promised it had adequate funds to close and clean up its site. It doesn’t.

    5. Blue Star is supposed to randomly test incoming loads of shingles for asbestos. It’s never routinely done so.

    In addition, Blue Star’s operations are causing serious health harms to local residents and large-scale environmental damage to a Southern Dallas creek.

    Because Blue Star is either ignoring or intentionally breaking its promises to the state, it has forfeited its right to a permit. I urge you to shut down “Shingle Mountain.”

    Thank you for your consideration.