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  • Dear Chief Clerk and Elected Officials

    I'm writing to express my opposition to a large increase in air pollution being sought by Holcim Cement's Midlothian plant and request public meetings in Ellis, Dallas, and Tarrant Counties to enable residents to learn more about the company's permit amendment request (Holcim, Air Quality Permit 8996 and PSDTX454M5).

    According to the company's published notice, it's seeking permission to burn 100% Petroleum Coke in its Kiln #2.  Carbon Monoxide pollution could increase by almost 3000 tons a year and dangerous Particulate Matter pollution could increase by 100 tons a year. There's evidence that smog-forming Nitrogen Oxide and acid-rain forming Sulfur Dioxide could also increase if the company is granted this permit amendment.  There's no mention of the impact to climate crisis pollutants but increases in CO2 are also are expected from burning Petroleum Coke for fuel.

    Holcim's cement plant is already releasing many more times the amount of air pollution than either the TXI or Ash Grove plant located only a short distance away. Holcim shouldn't receive permission to increase this disparity. Instead, like its peers it should invest in a more modern, efficient, less polluting cement plant.

    DFW has a long history of chronic air pollution. Awarding this permit amendment to allow Holcim to pollute even more is making that problem worse.