What am I seeing?

This is a live interactive feed of air monitors in the SharedAirDFW Community Air Monitoring Network. It also shows EPA and Purple Air air monitors in the DFW area. All of these monitors are recording levels of Particulate Matter air pollution. The SharedAirDFW network is a collaboration of the University of Texas at Dallas, Downwinders at Risk, Paul Quinn College, the City of Plano, and Dallas County Colleges.

Over the next 12-16 months, the SharedAirDFW network is scheduled to deploy over 100 new air monitors throughout. the North Texas area, including the front line communities of Joppa, West Dallas, and Midlothian.

For more information on the Dangers of Particulate Matter, see our library of studies and articles we’ve collected on our Particulate Matters page.

Our Mission

Downwinders at Risk Education Fund is dedicated to taking effective action on behalf of those being harmed by air pollution. Our goal is to build a strong grassroots constituency and create new strategies for clean air in North Texas. We do this by informing, connecting, and mobilizing citizens to become active participants in the decision-making that affects the air we breathe. In doing so, we improve both the quality of our air and the quality of our democracy.

We’re committed to working for environmental justice with communities impacted by the worst pollution; to deliver the best science to those communities; to making decisions about pollution and polluters more democratic; to providing solutions to the problems we spotlight, and to funding staff devoted to grassroots empowerment.

Our Posts

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Downwinder Marsha Jackson

Mandy 2018

Downwinder Amanda Poland

4 hours ago

# How could things get worse with GAF's asphalt shingle factory in West Dallas? ***By it becoming Dallas County's #1 PM 2.5 polluter in 2020 according to the new reports in Austin - over 31 tons a year. #gafgottago*** ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Correction, I misspoke, it is a Concrete Batch Plant (not a cement plant) proposed for Fannin County, TX. Have no idea if it's safe. 28 days to investigate. Where do we begin? ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Hi. New here. I’m in NE TX. Hoping the expertise here can help. A processing plant in Winnsboro, TX that makes poultry house litter in to pelleted fertilizer moved in very close (less than 1/4 mile) from our farm. They are not good neighbors. Awful smelling smoke bellows from the plant and covers our pastures. My neighbors and I have been sick from the smoke. Pets and livestock have been sick and some have died. I’ve filed numerous complaints with TCEQ and the company, Sigma AgriSciences has received violations from my complaints. This process moves way too slow. I filed an OSHA complaint after ambulances were there twice for workers. It was denied because I’m not an employee. I filed an EPA complaint. I filed a complaint with TXDOT as the smoke is a driving hazard when it covers the State Highway we live on. We contacted the Railroad as the smoke is a hazard at the railroad crossing. What else can I do? We have had a concerned citizen meeting. We went to the City Council.I’ve messaged news media. I’ve tweeted to Erin Brockavich. We can’t even be outside when this smoke is everywhere. It burns your throat. We have had cattle with respiratory issues we have had to treat. My neighbors little boy has been sick for months. Other neighbor had a whole litter of puppies die. Farm neighbor lost 2 pigs suddenly after a very smoky day from plant emissions. The parent company of Sigma is in Boling TXThey got some kind of grant. We are investigating all permits and inspections to make sure everything was done according to the law. They have only self reported 1 of 12 fires. Realtors are refusing to show homes and properties in the area because of the awful smell. My property values are plummeting. Nearby businesses are impacted. Any advice is greatly appreciated. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

When GAF applied to put 40 MORE tons of PM pollution in West Dallas air in 1979, industry in **the neighborhood was already violating EPA air quality standards for PM so routinely it was designated a national "non-attainment area." **The state said OK anyway. #GAFsGottaGo ... See MoreSee Less
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College alum (Class of '18) Evelyn Mayo is selected as one of D Magazine's "78 Women Who Make Dallas Great" in its September issue. ... See MoreSee Less
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