What am I seeing?

This is a live interactive feed of air monitors in the SharedAirDFW Community Air Monitoring Network. It also shows EPA and Purple Air air monitors in the DFW area. All of these monitors are recording levels of Particulate Matter air pollution. The SharedAirDFW network is a collaboration of the University of Texas at Dallas, Downwinders at Risk, Paul Quinn College, the City of Plano, and Dallas County Colleges.

Over the next 12-16 months, the SharedAirDFW network is scheduled to deploy over 100 new air monitors throughout. the North Texas area, including the front line communities of Joppa, West Dallas, and Midlothian.

For more information on the Dangers of Particulate Matter, see our library of studies and articles we’ve collected on our Particulate Matters page.

Our Mission

Downwinders at Risk Education Fund is dedicated to taking effective action on behalf of those being harmed by air pollution. Our goal is to build a strong grassroots constituency and create new strategies for clean air in North Texas. We do this by informing, connecting, and mobilizing citizens to become active participants in the decision-making that affects the air we breathe. In doing so, we improve both the quality of our air and the quality of our democracy.

We’re committed to working for environmental justice with communities impacted by the worst pollution; to deliver the best science to those communities; to making decisions about pollution and polluters more democratic; to providing solutions to the problems we spotlight, and to funding staff devoted to grassroots empowerment.

Our Posts

A Citizen’s Guide to a Citizen’s Air Monitoring Network

18 hours ago

Jim Schermbeck

Tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 20th, Downwinders at Risk will be doing something it's never done before in its 26-year history of battling polluters: sponsoring training in civil disobedience for possible actions in October. We're doing this on behalf of the fight over a Shingle Mountain clean-up. We don't do this lightly, but in our history, there's not been a more righteous cause for which to risk arrest. Every day that goes by without a clean-up at this disaster site is another tortuous day of needless suffering by families on Choate Road. We ask you to show up tomorrow - even if you're not considering participating directly. For every person that risks arrest, 2-3 folks are needed in support. This struggle isn't over until the last truck leaves with the last tons of waste. There's still work to be done. Show-up tomorrow with your mask on and help out. Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

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We don't collect dues. We don't charge for our services. We just show up when nobody else does or can. We're the Last Responders and the people who turn "done deals" into undone deals. Like Shingle Mountain. Marsha Jackson had been trying to get help from the City and others for the living Hell she had been enduring for months until she found us. Within 120 days we had taken on the City of Dallas and got it shut down. And we're STILL helping her until the Mountain is completely gone. Marsha Jackson is now on our board working to help the next Marsha Jackson. Please consider dropping a dollar or two in the bucket:
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