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Working with frontline communities most impacted by pollution

Using science to inform advocacy

Improving the quality of our air

And the quality of our democracy

Our Mission

Downwinders at Risk Education Fund is dedicated to taking effective action on behalf of those being harmed by air pollution. Our goal is to build a strong grassroots constituency and create new strategies for clean air in North Texas. We do this by informing, connecting, and mobilizing citizens to become active participants in the decision-making that affects the air we breathe. In doing so, we improve both the quality of our air and the quality of our democracy.

We’re committed to working for environmental justice with communities impacted by the worst pollution; to deliver the best science to those communities; to making decisions about pollution and polluters more democratic; to providing solutions to the problems we spotlight, and to funding staff devoted to grassroots empowerment.


Our Posts

With Historic Rebuke, EPA Sends GAF Permit Back to Austin…and a Message to Company

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Stay Inside. Plant Trees. An Annotated Guide to City of Dallas Air Quality Monitoring

19 hours ago

**It's not a good deal when putting a roof over your head means putting poison in other people's lungs.** There are other companies that make shingles w/o crapping on West Dallas residents. Show solidarity and stay away from GAF products. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

**A new GAF asphalt shingle factory can be built in 2-3 years. So why does the company say its needs until the end of this decade to replace its 80-year old dinosaur in West Dallas? GAF has never said. And no one at Dallas City Hall, TCEQ, or EPA has pressed them to answer. **This lack of accountability is crucial in light of new EPA PM air pollution standards coming out any day now. Those standards will be tougher because all the scientific evidence shows PM to be harmful at very low levels of exposure - even levels below current EPA standards. There's a big difference between living another 2-3 years beside GAF PM pollution and another 7 years of doing so - the number GAF is lobbying for.If you were a non-smoker locked in a room with a chainsmoker, you'd be aware that every hour you spent there exponentially increased the chances of you being harmed by their smoke. **Residents living around GAF face a similar fate. Every single day of continued exposure to tons and tons of industrial soot is increasing the chances of being further harmed. The goal is to make the exposure stop ASAP - on a public health timeline, not GAF's. ** ... See MoreSee Less
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College alum (Class of '18) Evelyn Mayo is selected as one of D Magazine's "78 Women Who Make Dallas Great" in its September issue. ... See MoreSee Less
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