In Defense of Mary Suhm. No. Really.

by Downwinders on January 28, 2016

Jim Schutze at the Dallas Observer came across an interesting piece of video the other day. It was the deposition of former Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm in the on-going lawsuit between jilted gas driller Trinity East and the City. In their cross-examination, lawyers for Trinity East are asking Suhm about a secret (at least […]

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JOIN OUR TAG TEAM EFFORT TO TAKE DOWN THE STATE OF TEXAS BUT WATCH OUT – THEY PLAY DIRTY NEXT THURSDAY EVENING JANUARY 21st 6:30 PM 616 Six Flags Road First Floor HQ of the North Central Texas Council of Governments There's an important bureaucratic cage match between EPA and the State over how clean […]


All Day NATIONAL Public Hearing on a New Federal Ozone Standard Thursday, January 29th, 9am to 7:30 pm Arlington City Hall, 101 W. Abram There are only three national public hearings on the possibility of lowering the national federal ozone, or smog, standard. One is in Washington DC, another is in Sacramento, California and the […]


We must be doing something right.  Last Thursday, Energy in Depth, the national PR arm of the oil and gas industry, singled out Downwinders at Risk for our support of longer setbacks between people and gas industry facilities in Mansfield and other North Texas cities.  EID calls these setbacks, now passed in DISH, Denton, Southlake and Dallas, "defacto bans" because […]


Make Your Butt A Force for Good Tonight

by Downwinders on December 3, 2014

Woody Allen is famously credited with the line that "showing-up is 80% of life." With organizing, it's more like 90%. There are at least two places to be tonight where just your butt in a seat will make a huge, positive difference: 1) Mansfield City Council Work Session on a New Gas Drilling Ordinance, 6 […]


Can You Spot the Mistake in This Map?

by Downwinders on March 28, 2014

Here's why there's a missing big orange splotch….or two….or three, in Texas in this new national map of oil and gas well concentration.


This is why it's important for citizens to have real scientific horsepower. DFW has a smog problem. It's not as bad as it used to be, but it's still at unsafe and illegal levels. And for the last four or five years, the air quality progress that should have been made has been stymied. Despite […]


Sloshing Back and Forth Between Coal and Gas

by Downwinders on May 25, 2013

Around 2003 or so, the Dallas Morning News editorial board convened a roundtable of air pollution stakeholders and more or less facilitated a discussion of what could be done to clean up DFW's dirty air. You see, the area still hadn't complied with the 1997 national smog standard and more and more official air quality […]


Dallas Fracking Mystery Tour

by susan on March 13, 2013


Time to Push Back and Make Some History

by Downwinders on February 6, 2013

Dallas Plan Commission Public Hearings on Trinity East Gas Permits, including the "Rawlings Refinery" Thursday, 1:00 pm 6th Floor Dallas City Hall, City Council Chambers When the Dallas Plan Commission held its January 10th vote to "reconsider" the denial of gas permits to Trinity East, it didn't allow any public testimony at all about the […]


Zombie Gas Permits on the March Again

by Downwinders on February 4, 2013

Public (re)-Hearing on the Last Three Dallas Gas Sites.……including the newly-discovered "Rawlings Gas Refinery" This Thursday 1:00 pm Dallas City Hall 6th Floor City Council Chambers Press Conference followed by City Plan Commission Mtg This is the "do-over" hearing demanded by the Mayor in order to win approval of these permits – after the first […]


Magical Mystery Tour: Then vs Now

by Downwinders on January 30, 2013

Dallas city staff are trying very hard to persuade the City Plan Commission to reverse their December 20th denial of the three Trinity East gas drilling and production sites. So hard, they engineered a "reconsideration vote" to overturn that denial, now scheduled for 1:30 pm February 7th – next Thursday. So hard, they're flip-flopping on […]