Environmental Justice

Public Health Economic Development Transportation Housing Childhood Development and Education Environmental Justice Crime __________ In the same way lead exposure was linked to lower IQ in children and anti-social behavior like crime, PM Pollution is now being linked to learning disabilities and juvenile delinquency. And in the same way public health mandated the removal of […]


Thanks Governor: An MLK Day Special Posting

by jim on January 15, 2018

It was a night that might’ve even made atheists Believe. Answering the impromptu call to action, the weary had come to sit in the pews at the community church. At issue this time was the appearance of their white Governor cynically using elements of the local minority establishment to deflect attention from his racist record. […]


Toxic Particulate Matter – “PM” – is the New Lead PM is the scientific name for industrial soot. It comes from burning things. Wood. Gasoline. Diesel. Coal. Waste. Everything that depends on on burning something, produces Particulate Matter: cars, trucks, buses, locomotives, boilers, furnaces, kilns, etc. PM pollution is tiny. It’s much smaller than nature’s […]


Announcing Downwinders 3.0

by jim on September 9, 2017

Downwinders is Regrouping, Renewing, and Regenerating. Almost half our new board is under 30. We have a new scientist. We have a new focus. Now we need you. Many of you are aware of the time and effort Downwinders at Risk put into the unprecedented UNT Ozone Study which brought DFW elected officials and local atmospheric researchers […]


DFW EJ Issues Get Some Muscle

by jim on August 14, 2017

New Attorneys and Paralegals Give Citizens Options We know things look bleak right now. There are few bright spots. You wonder if every new possible small light you see is the end of the tunnel…or another train about to run you over. Which makes what’s happening at the North Texas Legal Aid offices remarkable and […]