There's no better symbol of the anachronism that is Texas state government than the ineptly named Railroad Commission, or RRC. It has nothing to do with choo-choos, and everything to do with the State's oil and gas legacy.  Or is it misnamed? Its innocuous title keeps it off a lot of citizens' radar screens while going about its […]


A second member of the Texas Railroad Commission has accused US fracking opponents of being financed by Russian gas interests. That makes two out of three. Your immediate reaction may be: "Oh yeah, Where's my check?" But Davis Porter is serious, and in making the charge, Porter is walking a fine line in seriously slandering […]


It Happened Last Night

by jim on January 14, 2014

Azle area families are proud to announce the birth of their new grassroots group, and movement, born last night around 8:30 pm, CST. It's so new, the 300 or so parents haven't had a chance to name it yet. But it does have a mission: challenging the Barnett Shale status quo. There's an air of […]