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Notice came on Friday that the Dallas Morning News had finally decided to fill the environmental beat reporter position left vacant by Randy Lee Loftis' departure. The lucky winner was announced via a response to a reader's comment on a story about the Lake Lewisville BLM fracking lease sale.  "This is just one more reason the Morning News needs an environmental […]

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Because closing illegal smelters in your own backyard forces the corporations to build unsafe facilities in other places….or something like that.


RIP: The DMN “Energy and Environment” Blog

by Downwinders on September 19, 2012

We didn't notice it until after the fact, in part because its owners quit noticing some time ago, but the Dallas Morning News' "Energy and Environment" blog is no more. Back in 2006-2007, it started out well enough, fueled by the opposition of the paper and the City of Dallas to Governor Perry's plans to […]