Mid-Day Update: Drones are Only One Part of Our Ambitious Project

by jim on September 22, 2016


Keep 'Em Flying

So far, contributions from our supporters have got our drone out of the hanger and into the air.

Now we need to get it above cement kiln and coal plant smokestacks we want to monitor. Help us gain monetary altitude. 

This "Giving Day," Downwinders is trying to raise $6500 to fund a full 72 hours of airborne investigation by our pollution-sniffing drones.

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From 6 am to 12 Midnight tonight, contributions of just $25 or more to Downwinders can get matched or expanded by the Communities Foundation of Texas.

Not only does your donation go further today, it also helps us fund new projects like our North Texas CLEAN Air Force.

But citizen-owned drones are only one part of a larger, more ambitious air quality monitoring project now taking shape in DFW. 

Along with our academic partners in a new Air Research Consortium, we want to establish a region wide network of hundreds of stationary and mobile e-sensors that can give you better and more nuanced air quality information.

We want to take over the State's job – which it isn't doing very well anyway. The first step for us is getting our drones up in the air and doing research. 

One hour of drone flight time costs $90. A full 72 hours in the air costs about $6500. That's our goal today. 


And then there's this…..

We just won a fight it took 15 years to win

scr-unit-picAfter 15 years of hard work we finally saw the installation of a state-of-the-art air pollution control system in one of thethree Midlothian cement plants this month.


It could reduce smog pollution from the plant's kiln by 80-90%. 


Only your support enabled us to stick around and follow-though on this goal.



giving-day-logo-rdCLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE 



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