Pics from Our “Meet the Drones” Mixer

drone-mixer-12Here's the link to some pictures of our October 6th "Meet the Drones" Mixer featuring the squadron from University of Texas at Dallas. 

Thanks to TCU's Dr. Mike Slattery for hosting the public debut of our North Texas CLEAN Air Force – an exciting new effort combining citizen know-how with academic expertise to better help us identify DFW air pollution problems.  Representatives from TCU, UTA, UTD, UNT, UNTHSC were on site. Thanks as well to all the supporters and curiosity-seekers who showed up to see the show. 

This was the first of what we hope will be a series of such events around North Texas to show off the capacity and potential of this new tool for citizens. Stay tuned for news on when we'll be coming to a campus near you.

Today Only: We Need Your Help To Get This Guy Off the Ground


This "Giving Day" Downwinders is trying

to raise $6500 to fund a full 72 hours

of airborne investigation by our

pollution-sniffing drone

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From 6 am to 12 Midnight tonight, contributions of just $25 or more to Downwinders can get matched or expanded by the Communities Foundation of Texas.

Not only does your donation go further today, it also helps us fund new projects like our North Texas CLEAN Air Force.

We're adding an exiting new high-tech tool to our fight for cleaner air. One that can replace, not just fight, the status quo. 

Air-monitoring drones can reveal pollution hot spots stationary monitors can't. They can respond to accidents and tell you whether that plume of smoke really is "harmless."  

One hour of drone flight time costs $90. A full 72 hours in the air costs about $6500. That's our goal today. 

Your lungs are worth it.

We're the only clean air group in DFW with full-time staff.

All our board members live here. 

We depend on DFW residents like you for our continued successes, like….

Stopping the burning of hazardous waste in local cement plants 

Shutting down the outlaw Exide lead smelter in Frisco 

Writing the most protective gas drilling ordinance in Texas

And now – fighting for a new federal anti-smog plan for DFW to replace the state's do-nothing approach




Thanks for your Consideration