West Dallas Batch Plant Vote THIS Wednesday, Dallas City Hall

The RamCrete Batch Plant at the corner of Marilla and Commerce in West Dallas has been so poorly run that last fall the Dallas City Planning Commission took the unusual step of overruling staff recommendations and voted to close the facility down: lock, stock and particulate matter. 

RamCrete’s operators are appealing that shut-down decision to the full council Wednesday. Action was postponed from December based on a request from the company.

Historically, West Dallas has been used as a dumping ground for both industries and people the Dallas establishment didn’t want in their own backyards. Obsolete zoning allows all kinds of industrial activity to be sited too close to residential areas.

This specific batch plant is only a symptom of that zoning, but it presents a clear and present danger to West Dallas residents that can be stopped with this vote.

Downwinders at Risk’s “No Safe Level”  Campaign to reduce Particulate Matter exposure has identified this council vote as an important first step in decreasing the emissions of PM in this neighborhood and West Dallas as a whole.

The public hearing on this permit denial is #51 on Items for Individual Consideration on the Council’s Wednesday’s agenda.  Citizens will have 3 minutes or less to speak in favor of or against upholding the Planning Commission’s decision to yank the permit.

We’re sorry we can’t give you an exact time this will come up, but City Hall veterans know these things are unpredictable. You pretty much have to show up at 9 am and stay until they get to it.

If you can, please come join us for the first PM battle – and we hope victory – of 2018.

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