Next Week is Giving Day: Help Us Bring Lois Gibbs to Town

Lois Gibbs in color 2As many of you already know, Next Thursday, September 17th is North Texas  "GIVING DAY."
This annual event for local charities has become an important source of funding for us. For one day, your contribution of $25 can be matched and multiplied. It goes further.
This year, we have a special reason to ask for your support.
We're bringing Lois Gibbs from Love Canal fame to town in November for a three day grassroots conference aimed at  the region's citizen/activists – like you.

They'll be an All-Star panel on the future of fighting fracking in Texas after HB40.

They'll be a rally at EPA headquarters to demand the Agency enforce evnironmental laws.

They'll be an entire day of workshops on how to be a better activists. Want to know how to do your own air or water sampling? Get better media coverage? What industrial poisons affect you in DFW? You can learn from the experts.

It looks like they'll even be a comedy troupe review taking aim at DFW's air pollution.

But we need your help to pull this first-ever conference off and do it right. Our goal is to raise $7500 next Wednesday to help cover the expenses of our speakers, book our venues, and provide food and materials.

We're STILL the only group solely focused on DFW air quality.

We're STILL the only group with a full time staffer devoted to your lungs.

And we're STILL completely dependent on local contributions from our supporters to stay in business

We RnorthtexasgivingdayEALLY need you to take the time next Thursday to give generously to an effort that affects the very air you breathe.  And keep on the lookout in your mailbox for news about our first-ever grassroots conference for people just like you.

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