Don’t Miss the Big D Finale to the Dallas Gas Wars On Wednesday

by jim on December 9, 2013

Curtain rising - or falling on drilling rigIt All Comes Down To This Last Public Hearing and Final Vote on a New Drilling Ordinance 

Beginning 1:00 PM
6th Floor Dallas City Hall

Participate, and (with any luck) Celebrate…..Over a Year of Constant Activism…….Over Three Years of Constant Organizing…….The Defeat of the Trinity East Permits………The Passage of Protective Dallas Gas Ordinance

After the Vote at City Hall. Come Raise a Glass with us at Lee Harvey's Bar, at 1807 Gould St.


1:00 pm
Citizens' Press Conference
with special guests

1:30 pm
Final City Council Public Hearing on Gas-Drilling

Following the Public Hearing, the City Council will have its final vote on the ordinance 

Following the Council's vote, we'll reconvene at Lee Harvey's, the official bar of the Dallas Gas Wars.

Even if you Don't Live in Dallas, You Can Help Us Bring the REAL Barnett Shale to the Public Hearing on Wednesday

One of the constant refrains of our opponents on the Council is that drilling has been "going on for years in the Barnett Shale with no apparent harm." In particular, they love to use Fort Worth as a model for how Dallas should regulate gas drilling.

We know many of you have a different story to tell because you've experienced drilling up close and personal, or have family or friends who have.

The Dallas Residents at Risk alliance has put out a call for Wednesday's public hearing on the new gas ordinance that will proceed the final vote.

We're asking residents of the Barnett Shale who've been harmed by drilling to submit their testimony to the Dallas City Council.

You can do this directly by coming to the hearing Wednesday afternoon and testifying yourself, or you can submit you testimony to us at and we'll ask a Dallas resident to read it into the record for you.

We'll have these first-hand statements available for Dallas residents who want to help read them into the record at the 1pm press conference preceding the public hearing.

Our goal is to paint a more realistic picture of what it's like to live with gas drilling and production on a daily basis before the final vote on a new Dallas gas ordinance is taken. Please help us paint that picture.

How The Vote Looks as of Monday

Whatever happens on Wednesday, it'll be a close vote. There are still six votes against the new ordinance, and six votes for it. Mayor Rawlings, and Council members Jennifer Staubach-Gates and Dwaine Caraway are all officially undecided and hold the key to victory for either side. We must have at least 8 out of the 15 members vote with us to win.

Thanks to you, each of these three officially-undecided council members has received hundreds of e-mails supporting the new ordinance and its 1500-foot setback over the past week or so. We understand that they may be having an impact, along with phone calls, visits, and everything else residents are doing to try and persuade these three Council members to do the right thing. (If you still want to reach them here's their contact info.)
Thank you for doing all that you've done. We couldn't have gotten as far as we have without our army of citizen-lobbyists. But now we need your butt in a seat one last time at City Hall on Wednesday to close the deal.  Please come if you can. Thanks.  

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