“Don’t let the Door Hit You…”

By BySharon's rumors turn out to be true. Chesapeake's VP Julie Wilson is leaving the company as of June 14th. Her mission to subjugate Cowtown to all things gas now accomplished, she plans to resume her "consulting" business. She's going to be replaced by a guy from Oklahoma City who'll visit Fort Worth "a couple of days each week." Oh, that one hurts.

Once Fort Worth was the capital of a mighty Chesapeake Nation. And Julie was its (Ice) queen, reigning over things with all the skill of the advertising executive she really is. But the company has hit a rough patch of late, and nothing says the empire is crumbling more than this announcement. Well, maybe abandoning their capital in downtown Fort Worth. 

As we mentioned below, Fort Worth residents may be coming out of their gas-induced daze at the same time the major gas benefactor for the town loses its mojo. But Wilson and crew did a lot of damage and it'll take a very long time for Fort Worth to recover.

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