Slow March Toward Amoritzation Continues in Frisco This Week


Pursuant with its historicJanuary 17th vote to reject the Exide lead smelter's "vested rights" petition and require the facility to get a Special Use Permit, the machinery at Frisco City Hall continues to grind out a path toward eventual amortization, or forced self-buy-out, of the smelter, located in the center of town. On Tuesday evening at 6:30, the Frisco Planning and Zoning board convenes to decide if the smelter's submitted site plans for the "improvements" it's touting meet city specs, including the required Special Use Permit. Of course, Exide has refused to apply for an SUP, arguing that it doesn't need one, and of course city staff is recommending rejection of the Exide proposal based on that refusal, along with specific deficiencies in the plans themselves. The P&Z is expected to concur with staff. Eventually this will come before an obscure local administrative body called the "Board of Adjustment" for an official hearing on amortization proceedings, but the city seems to be getting every possible duck in a row before taking it there. Stay tuned, and let's give another big round of applause to those Frisco Unleaded members who successfully changed the city 's mind about this strategy over the last seven months or so. Well done.

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