Many of you are aware that former EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz is now heading-up a Sierra Club effort to close the remaining old coal plants in East and Central Texas that have plagued downwind communities, including DFW, for decades. One big reason is the direct connection between the kinds of pollution these plants release, […]


Dr. Al Breaks His Silence

by jim on August 5, 2012

After over three months of not saying much about the circumstances of his resignation as EPA Region 6 Administrator, Dr. Al Armendariz used the online Texas Tribune for his coming-out this last week. He's joined the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign as its southwest director. "I have a small handful of objectives. The first is […]


1, 2, 3 Many Dr Als

by jim on May 2, 2012

What made it possible for someone like Dr. Armendariz to become a Regional Administrator? Years of experience as an environmental engineer? Check. Desire? Check. But also opportunity. Before Downwinders selected him to be our scientist to help enforce the Holcim Cement settlement, he’d never done work for a grassroots group in DFW. He was a […]