More of This Please

by jim on April 27, 2012

“Ms. Jackson: 

When I heard Dr. Armendariz was being attacked again, I wanted to write to tell you how important he is to so many of us who are living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

We are a non-attainment area as you know.  We breathe dirty air.  We’re in the midst of a drought and gas drilling is moving in fast to make both problems worse. The TCEQ doesn’t help us.  My Republican and even Democratic neighbors often don’t understand the problem.  EPA enforcement is sometimes all we have.  He understands the problems.  I saw him at an Earth Day celebration in Dallas last Saturday.  I was so proud and thankful that we have him as an advocate.  Please do all you can to protect his job and his reputation.  We desperately need him. 

Sincerely, Kerrie Kimberling”  

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