Another Reason Why 1000 Feet Isn’t Far Enough

by jim on April 27, 2012

We’ve heard that the gas industry lobbyists hanging out at Dallas City Hall are seriously advocating reducing the mandatory distance between gas drilling wells and neighborhoods, from the recommended 500-1000 feet down to only 300 feet – the length of a football field. Citizens have noted all kinds of reasons why that’s way too close, and even why 1000 feet is still not far enough to prevent significant public health risk from drilling’s hazards. The Army Corps of Engineers  says fracking shouldn’t be taking place within 3000 feet of dams because of the potential harm to structural integrity. Why would freeway support columns or home foundations be more immune to this threat? The Colorado School of Public Health concludes that those living within a half mile of a gas well – over 2000 feet – have a 66% increased chance of getting cancer. Why not incorporate this research into new Dallas buffer zone decisions? And from a reader comes this story of a Chesapeake gas well blowout in Wyoming that’s forced the evacuation of people living as far away as 2.5 MILES.  Although Chesapeake would not disclose the amount of pollution the leaking caused, it assured everyone that air quality measurements were “normal.”  Residents up to 6 miles away reportedly could heat the noise of the gas as the leak burst open. 300 feet? 3000 feet may mot be enough.   Read More

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