Showdown at Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force This Afternoon

by Downwinders on February 28, 2012

Per our warning last week, industry representatives on the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force, assisted by turncoat “resident representative” John McCall, will indeed be trying to rollback setback protections for homes, schools, and hospitals, as well as attempting to allow drilling in city parks at this afternoon’s meeting, beginning at 1:30 pm in room 6ES on the 6th floor of Dallas City Hall. Despite getting hundreds of e-mails from clean air supporters over the weekend, they may be successful, depending on which Task Force members show up and decide to switch their votes. At stake are the current recommendations that require a 1000 foot setback, or buffer zone, from the fence line of the drill site to the property line of any “protected use” which now includes homes, hospitals and schools, and the prohibition against any drilling in Dallas parks. Industry wants that 1000 foot distance cut to 600 feet and to go ahead and drill in parks anytime the city council votes to do so.  It’s obvious that industry has mapped out the number of locations afforded them under the current, democratically-approved recommendations and decide they can’t make enough money with them in place – so they’re seeking to revisit past votes and overturn them at the very last Task Force meeting. That’s their M.O. Will they succeed? We know more residents will be showing up to express their displeasure at the prospect. This could get very messy. Stay tuned.

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