And Then There Were Three: Frisco Third Monitor to Violate 85 ppb Ozone Standard This Summer

by jim on August 1, 2011

Yesterday was a bad air day in North Texas despite the official TCEQ ozone forecast of “no problem-o.”

Smog monitors in Keller and Denton had already recorded their fourth reading over 85 parts per billion (ppb), with Keller providing this year’s benchmark high of 90 ppb. On Monday, the wind blew NE and it was Frisco’s turn, resulting in a 1997 standard-busting eight-hour average of 86 ppb.

That makes three DFW monitors out of compliance with the federal ozone standard we’re supposed to be meeting by now. That’s the most since 2009, when we also had ozone readings in the 90 ppb range.

We have one more summer to reach a three year running average of under 85 ppb, or the current TCEQ strategy officially fails. We’d have to have a lot of rain or favorable circumstances next summer to be able to avoid that fate. Or, you know, a really good clean air plan. The outlook for either is dim. Feds Fair Share: EPA Issues Gas Pollution Regs

Friday, July 29, 2011

In reaction to a court-ordered deadline for action, the EPA on Thursday released new proposed rules for reducing air pollution from oil and gas production, particularly from “fracking.” They look a lot like our own Fair Share Campaign, that in turn looked a lot like the conclusions of everyone who’s examined the issue who doesn’t work for the gas industry. And echoing Dr. Sattler’s “Leaking Money” report published by Downwinders in May, EPA estimates the controls will save gas operators millions of dollars annually by reducing waste.

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