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  • Dear Mayor Rawlings and Council,

    This Wednesday you're scheduled to vote on zoning requests for two batch plants proposed for the Joppa neighborhood. I urge you to vote against these requests. 

    At town hall meetings, residents have expressed overwhelming opposition to these batch plants. District 7 Council Member Felder has taken up their plea and also opposes them. 

    City staff has recommended approval, but it's done so without any knowledge of what the quality of air in Joppa is, or input from a toxicologist or public health expert.

    Now comes news that the only air monitoring ever done in Joppa, performed by Downwinders in the last week or so, shows daily levels of Particulate Matter exposure far above the levels recorded in other parts of the city. If these levels are typical, it appears the area is already in violation of the annual EPA standard for PM pollution. Putting two more sources of PM pollution in the neighborhood makes this situation worse and further damages public health.

    In Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner has publicly-criticized the recurring siting of batch plants in the city's minority neighborhoods. Dallas City Hall should do the same and begin to address the environmental inequities that continue to damage residents based on their street address.

    Please offer some relief to Joppa and vote against the batch plants next Wednesday.

    Thank you.