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Dear Mayor and Council – 

Councilwoman Sandy Greyson is sponsoring a clean air resolution coming before the full council in June. It urges the EPA to reject an inadequate state clean air plan for DFW, in favor of more effective one drafted by either the state or EPA. 

This resolution will send an important message to Austin and the EPA. DFW has been in continual violation of the Clean Air Act since 1991. We now have worse smog than Houston and last year, smog levels in DFW increased. Yet, the state air plan for DFW contains no cuts in air pollution from any major sources we know to be contributing to DFW smog.  We must do better. 

Last year, Dr. Robert Haley of UT-Southwestern used EPA software to conduct a first-ever study of the impact of cleaner air on DFW public health. Just a 5 part per billion drop in regional smog levels prevents 100 premature deaths, hundreds of Emergency Room visits and admissions and saves thousands of lost school and work days costing the region upwards of $650 million every year. 

But to get that kind of decrease in smog, we must dump the current do-nothing state plan and replace it with something that is capable of driving down our chronic smog levels. Another study by the UNT Engineering Department actually cloned the state’s own computer air modeling and demonstrated how the region could achieve a significant drop in smog by adding readily available off-the-shelf controls on our largest industrial sources. </p>

We know how to get cleaner air. We know the costs of not getting it. We just need the help of EPA to make it happen. Please vote for Councilwoman Greyson’s resolution. After 25 years, it’s time DFW complied with the Clean Air Act.

Thank you.