Dallas Fracking Mystery Tour


On January 31st, the Dallas City Plan Commission and members of the public took a bus tour of all three proposed Trinity East gas permit sites in Dallas: The Gun Club and the LB Houston/Luna Vista Golf Course drilling sites, both on city parkland, as well as the Luna Vista Processing Plant site, aka, "The Rawlings Refinery and Compressor Station," located only a short distance away from the City of Dallas' Elm Fork Athletic Complex.

Members of the "drill-at-all-costs" faction of the Dallas City Council have described these three sites as a "wasteland," "desolate," "worthless," "not quality park land," and looking like "West Texas oil fields." Despite advocating drilling at these sites, Council member Sheffie Kadane didn't even know if the Trinity River was close by (all three sites are in the River's 100-year floodplain), but Kadane was sure the drilling equipment would never touch the floodplain…somehow.

So come with us on short four-minute tour of the sites and see for yourself if they look like a Midland-Odessa oil patch or the wooded flood plains of a major Texas river. After the tour ends, if you find yourself disagreeing with the harsh assessments of the sites by those that have never visited them, please feel free to send an automatic e-mail to all the members of the Dallas City Council and City Plan Commission telling them that you don't want the City approving gas drilling sites in flood plains, on park land, or near huge recreation centers attracting thousands of children. Thanks.