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Pollution goes hand-in-hand with corruption and bad government. It's not unusual to discover the worst environmental health scandals were caused and made worse by official neglect, abuse, or palm-greasing. Over its long history, Downwinders has learned we often have to challenge a lot more than just the pollution in a community itself - we have to take on the system that enabled that pollution.

We know information is power. That's why we've become experts at filing Freedom of Information Act and Open Records Act requests from all levels of government. We discover things in those requests that government officials don't want to admit and make it public, changing the terms of the debate.

Traditional news coverage of environmental stories in the DFW area is at an all time low. There are no permanent "environmental" reporters on staff any more at any North Texas newspaper, TV station, or radio station.  As a result, media outlets often send reporters to cover environmental controversies who don't know anything about the environment, and are easily manipulated by company PR hacks or government spokespeople. To make up for this lack of coverage, Downwinders' publishes deep dive original investigative pieces and analysis on DFW environmental problems you won't find anywhere else. We're the only group in North Texas that takes you behind the scenes of decisions and tells you what's really going on versus the official story being pushed. We give you information and context so you can decide for yourself.

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