February 2016

How to Outflank HB40 in the Barnett Shale

by Downwinders on February 29, 2016

Last week, the EPA made an important admission.  "Methane emissions from the oil and gas industry are significantly higher than previous official estimates, according to draft revisions of the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions inventory released Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency. At 9.3 million metric tons, revised estimates of 2013 emissions are 27% percent higher than the […]

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Don't look now, but Michael ("never met a freeway proposal I didn't like") Morris, the long-time Director of Transportation for the North Central Texas Council of Governments, has gotten a case of the Vapors.  Was it some new threat to the Trinity Tollroad that sent Mr. Morris into a tizzy? Some "regional mobility" crisis? No, nothing as small-minded as […]

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Notice came on Friday that the Dallas Morning News had finally decided to fill the environmental beat reporter position left vacant by Randy Lee Loftis' departure. The lucky winner was announced via a response to a reader's comment on a story about the Lake Lewisville BLM fracking lease sale.  "This is just one more reason the Morning News needs an environmental […]

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When Was the Last Time you Saw This?

by Downwinders on February 11, 2016

Can you even remember the last time you received a DFW political mailer that spoke about the value of air that won't make you sick or kill you, much less a whole piece devoted to the subject? Neither can we. That's what makes this mailer from incumbent Dallas County Commissioner Dr. Theresa Daniel so welcome.  In […]


New Comments from EPA on DFW Air Plan: It Won’t Work

by Downwinders on February 3, 2016

This plan won't work. That's the simple message from the three pages of new comments Region 6 EPA staff submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality last month concerning its anti-smog plan for DFW. That message begins with the cover letter, written by Mary Stanton, Chief of the State Implementation Plan Section for Region […]