November 2013

Know Your History

by Downwinders on November 25, 2013

We've written about the founding of the modern environemental health movement at Love Canal, and the rise of housewife-to-hellraiser Lios Gibbs. As part of its "Retro Report" series of mini-films on past headline-making stories, the New York Times takes a look back and finds a continuing "Legacy of Doubt."


Smokey Joe Barton: the Frackers’ Favorite Congressman

by Downwinders on November 22, 2013

On Wednesday the DC-based campaign money watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released a report totaling up all the contributions to Congress from the nation's fracking industry fom 2004 to 2012 and found, to absolutely no one's surprise, that our own Smokey Joe Barton led all comers with over half a […]


Wednesday's public staff briefing over the new gas drilling ordinance at Dallas City Hall was every bit as biased as you'd expect from a group that's been chafing under the Plan Commission's progressive recommendations since summer. But it's the snow job that went on in he lengthy two-hour Executive Session that should really concern you […]


By 2018 the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality predicts DFW will finally be in compliance with the federal ozone standard. The 1987 federal ozone standard. The 2012 ozone standard? Not so much. That was the bottom line of last Tuesday's very defensive TCEQ staff presentation on the new effort to rein-in North Texas smog at […]


Mark your calendars now. According to City of Dallas materials published online Friday, the final council hearing and vote on a new gas drilling ordinance will take place Wednesday, December 11th. We might have a better idea about the likely outcome of that vote after tomorrow's briefing to the council by staff on the City […]


Something Wicked This Way Blows…..

by Downwinders on November 15, 2013

Events like the gas pipeline explosion in Milford are graphic reminders of just how vulnerable our North Texas air shed is to pollution sources from Ellis County. Proximity, predominant wind patterns, and potential for disaster combine to make our Southern neighbor a constant threat. On Thursday, one could see the plume of smoke stretch out […]


Results from on-site testing at Saturdays’ Community Lead Clean-Up in Frisco shows volunteers collected battery chips from the city’s Grand Park that had up to 5000 ppm of lead on them, making them “extremely hazardous” by government standards. Saturday’s event marked the first time citizens have done their own testing of the battery chips and […]


Many of you have already seen the increasingly urgent pleas from the usual suspects for people to show up at this Thursday's national EPA "Listening Session" on new emission standards for Greenhouse Gas pollution. Try to ignore the New Age-by-way-of-George-Orwell alternative name for a public hearing, and the industry-friendly "listening" schedule of 10 am to […]


2013 DFW Smog Report: Failure….Again

by Downwinders on November 1, 2013

(Dallas)— On the eve of constructing yet another DFW clean air plan, the 2013 Ozone Season ended on Thursday the same way the previous 16 have ended: with North Texas out of compliance with the 1997 federal clean air standard. Even a mild summer with lower temperatures and more rain couldn't save the numbers from […]

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