Thank-You-Kids-HorizontalGrassroots groups live and die with their support on the ground. They're not affiliated with a well-heeled state or national organization that can subsidize their work. Without continuing sustenance from regular folks, they're doomed.

Downwinders at Risk is very lucky. We have a solid base of regular folks who appreciate what we do. They tolerate our constant flow of e-mails and posts. They show up at critical hearings and council meetings when we ask them. And they also fund our one and only employee.

For 20 years now, we've been able to fund the only full time staff person to do clean air work in DFW because these people – people like you –  believe we have, and can, make a positive difference – in air quality, in policy-making, in protecting and expanding the rights of citizens who dare to fight back against Very Bad Ideas.

Yesterday a lot of you once again showed-up to give us a hand. Big time. And we're so grateful.

Downwinders at Risk had its best-ever one-day fundraising event yesterday as a participant in the Communities Foundation's North Texas Giving Day, collecting $5,115 in just 17 hours. This is twice the amount that the group had set for the day's goal, and it pays for not one, but two months of clean air organizing in North Texas. We're overwhelmed with this vote of confidence in our work and will try to do it justice in the battles to come.

A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed and made such a day possible. It lets us know that we must be doing something right, despite the challenges we face all the time to try and keep doing good work.

And if you didn't get a chance to help out yesterday, but still want to contribute to Downwinders, we've got our own contribution webpage here that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Onward through the smog……

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