toxic_gumbo“My worst nightmare is the release of these contaminants that right now tend to be sequestered in environments that are not too mobile,”

That's Texas A&M at Galveston Prof Patrick Louchouarn talking about the lack of wheels on over a dozen toxic-infested Superfund Sites in the Houston – Galveston area that might be subject to a great deal of involuntary mobility in the case of a hurricane striking the Gulf Coast again this season.

"In the case of hurricane-driven waters washing over and churning up soil and sediment, Louchouarn worries that the contamination will be dislodged and eventually consumed. At some Superfund sites there are signs warning people not to eat the fish from nearby waterways. The sites are along shorelines and one is even partially submerged in a river.

'In the long-term what we fail to realize is that when you have these major disturbances you reintroduce these long-lived contaminants that can stay in the environment and get into the food chain over decades.”

Full article from StateImpact/NPR here.

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