They’re Not Asking Your Permission

by Downwinders on February 4, 2013

Landfill CUExide and the State are planning Frisco's future without it's residents.

This Wednesday night may be one of the few times they can object in person.

Plans are proceeding for Exide to leave landfills full of its lead smelter waste in Frisco….forever

Landfills of lead on the edge of downtown that will pose a constant public health threat and economic dead zone

Landfills of lead along the banks of Stewart Creek as it flows downstream into the City's new "Grand Park"

Join us in saying no to their lead-filled future of Frisco.

Exide's Public Meeting on their lead smelter "Clean-up"
7:00 pm
Frisco Depot
6499 Paige Street

(in the Historic District by Babe's)

Whether Frisco residents like it or not, Exide and the State of Texas are deciding to let millions of pounds of lead waste stay buried in Frisco forever – and the current City Council isn't trying to stop them.

While the city bought the less-contaminated outer ring of the Exide lead smelter, the most toxic part of the facility is still owned by Exide.

The City of Frisco has said that it won't interfere in the way the company and state decide to handle the tons of lead waste buried in this area, which stretches from Stewart Creek to the edge of downtown.

Exide, the state, and this city council are all deciding that it's easier just to leave lead contamination permanently buried in place in the middle of Frisco instead of moving it away from people and flowing water.

If citizens don't show up and fight back against these plans, Frisco residents will be dealing with lead contamination issues for decades – just like other communities that didn't have their lead smelter waste cleaned-up completely either. 

A former Exide smelter site still sits abandoned in Dallas, some two decades after it closed, surrounded by monitoring wells and a chain link fence. We can't let that happen here.

Many residents sent e-mails to Exide last week saying they wanted a complete clean-up of its lead waste in Frisco. Now they need to come in person with the same message.

Frisco residents have to stand up for their home and community. Nobody at Exide or in government is.

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