June Smog Attack: Day 3

by jim on June 28, 2012

High ozone levels continued to take their toll on people and monitors Wednesday. Grapevine joined the Hinton Street Dallas monitor in recording its fourth "exccedence" of the old 1997 85 ppb smog standard and so establishing an official violaiton of it.

This is an 8-hour standard wherein the average over eight hourly readings must be 85 or above, So we're not talking about short-term spikes. These are day-long spikes.

Monitors in Keller, Eagle Mountain Lake, Arlington, North Dallas and the Redbird area of southwest Dallas saw their third exccedence of the 85 ppb standard, meaning one more day of bad smog could also make them environmental crime scenes. Midlothian, Northwest Ft. Worth, and Frisco all have two exceedences as of yesterday,

We're going to wait until there's a pause in the bad news to look at how off the mark the all powerful and holy TCEQ computer model is so far, but suffice to say that after this week, there's not likely to be any monitor inside the nine-county area that will even be close.


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