Lisa Jackson in Town to Rally the Troops

by jim on May 2, 2012

That’s the word according to at least one EPA Region 6 employee. No reports yet on what kind of pep talk she gave the staff after just witnessing the four-day public lynching of their former boss, but one wonders whether she might be handicapped by her tepid response. Despite internal assertions that she wanted Dr. Armendariz to stay, her public remarks were less than supportive. She’s no stranger to disappointments from this Administration – she was mugged by the OMB over the new ozone standard – but so soon after the events in question, it’s hard to tell whether, or how much, she contributed to this heartbreaker, and also hard to have any confidence in this administration’s ability to stand up for itself. Strange for a White House that’s boasting what guts it took to pull the trigger on Osama, to be so cowed, so fast, by a bunch of old guys without a clue.

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