Something’s Missing in Today’s DMN Story on North Lake, But We Can’t Quite Put Our Fingers On It

by jim on April 13, 2012

For the second time in a row, the “Real Estate Writer” for the Dallas Morning News has written a feature article about a nice, new expensive development where there are gas leases and permits already being requested, and yet failed to mention anything about those pesky gas wells. From what we can tell, the Real Estate Writer seems to be a DMN position paid for by Real Estate developers. Last month it was the West Dallas area surrounding the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, where the city has leased its own land out for multiple gas leases. Today it’s the “Cypress Waters” planned community being built by Lucy (Crow) Billingsley around North Lake, where there’s already a gas pad permit in the pipeline, so to speak. But you’d never know it from reading the article. “We have 82 acres on LBJ Freeway that we have saved at the project’s
primary entry point so that we can have retail to service the
development,” Billingsley said. “We will also have restaurants on the
And if the wells get permitted, those diners will be getting lots of items off the official menu. We know she’s a Crow. We know its a big development. But really? To be this much of a shill is embarrassing. UPDATE 11:30 AM: Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling’s Raymond Crawford e-mailed the DMN writer, Steve Brown and asked him if he knew about the wells slated for this development. Brown’s reply was as enlightening as it was brief: “Yes, they’ve set aside six drill sites on the master plan for the project...I’m thinking that they consider this not a problem for rental housing but of course it would be a factor for people buying homes.” Yes, of course, because homeowners have lungs, whereas we’re not even sure if renters are a higher life form at all. Amazing isn’t it? 

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