Comply or Be Shut Down

by Downwinders on April 10, 2012

Public outrage over cement plant pollution has sparked a government ultimatum that the industry must comply with new emission standards in three months or risk being shut down temporarily or permanently. This isn’t happening n Western Europe. And because this isn’t fiction, it’s not the US either. No it’s Dubai.  It’s part of a larger effort to reduce polluiton from cement plants by 50% in three years  in that country, which is still experiencing a construction boom. Plus, how’s this for nice touches, the plants also have to “ensure 50 per cent of the boundary of their factories be covered with trees and other foliage, to mitigate some of the carbon dioxide emissions and to ‘improve the ecology’ and appearance of the area.” Meanwhile, we’re hearing nasty rumors about the EPA possibly backing off its new cement plant emission rules that are due to be implemented in the fall of next year. Never thought we’d say it, but could we just be guaranteed the same kind of environmental protection as a Developing Country?

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