Companies That Don’t Care About You Usually Don’t Care About Their Workers Either

by jim on April 7, 2012

Ever noticed that the companies with the worst environmental records also don’t seem to give a darn about their employees either? It’s no coincidence. The same thinking that makes it OK to gas downwind populations also makes it OK to gas your own workers. That was the story at Exide’s Frisco lead smelter that received a catalogue of violations from both the state and EPA over contamination issues that endangered public health, then promptly got written up by OSHA for risking their own employees health. And that’s the story at Magnablend, the chemical mixing operation in Waxahachie that exploded in a huge ball of fire last December. Last week the company was cited by OSHA with seven serious violations that are defined as a “substantial probability that death or serious physical harm
could result from a hazard about which the employer knew or should have
known.” The Ellis County Right to Know group has all the details and you can see Channel 8’s Brett Shipp chase Magnablend’s CEO into a building trying to make him answer questions. Good times.

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