Final Update

by Downwinders on September 30, 2011

We’ve been attending the EPA hearing in Arlington all day, but like a lot of you, we’ve been getting those “Orange Alerts” for high ozone levels. What we didn’t realize until we looked at the individual monitors just now was HOW orange it was. We’re seeing some of the highest single-hour readings all summer: 110 ppb at 2 pm in Keller, 107ppb in Grapevine at 2 pm, and 112 ppb at the Dallas North site at 1 pm. In all, there were six monitors with ozone levels in the tripe digits as of 3pm. It’s too soon to say whether these will translate into any significant regulatory landmarks – new site highs, a new Design Value at Keller, etc, but one thing is certain. This last week of Ozone Season has been a microcosm of this entire summer, with higher ozone levels at more places throughout the region.  

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