Make it a Real Residential Clean-up in Frisco

Last year the Frisco City Council promised a "residential or better" clean-up of the Exide Smelter property. According to federal and state regulations, such a residential clean-up demands sampling for toxic contamination at least 8 times per acre of property.

But the City of Frisco is allowing Exide to use a sampling method that requires only 2 sample for every acre – a sampling method designed for industrial property, not land that's planned for a greenbelt and park space, as parts of the Exide property are designed to become. In other words, the company is making it harder to find all the toxic hot spots that need to be removed for a full clean-up.

In addiiton, the entire Exide plant site sits upstream and almost adjacent to the city's proposed "Grand Park.

Frisco residents must demand that the City stick to its promise of a "residential or better" clean-up, starting with the testing system used to determine how much contamination there is on the Exide smelter site.

Use the form below to send an instant  "click and send" e-mail to Mayor Maso and the City Council that tells them to keep the clean-up as stringent and strict as residential standards require. Do it today. Thanks.


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