There's no better symbol of the anachronism that is Texas state government than the ineptly named Railroad Commission, or RRC. It has nothing to do with choo-choos, and everything to do with the State's oil and gas legacy.  Or is it misnamed? Its innocuous title keeps it off a lot of citizens' radar screens while going about its […]


No one really has any idea what's causing the "swarm" of earthquakes along the Irving Dallas border. What is known is that this is a new phenomenon. None of us who grew up here in the DFW area can ever remember having this kind of problem with the ground shaking – and certainly not with […]


New Encyclopedia of Fracking Harms

by jim on July 21, 2014

Those that keep up with these things know the rate of new information about fracking has increased almost exponentially for the past couple of years. New studies arrive monthly covering a host of subjects – air pollution, water contamination, earthquakes from injection wells, truck traffic, etc. So many it's hard to keep up and get […]


"Environmentalism" as a cause in America has its roots in the wilderness, the "otherness" a person can discover when he or she is separated from their own kind and put among crowds of the planet's non-human inhabitants.  Walden Pond. National Parks. These were all meant to be meditative retreats from "civilization," from which you could […]


Downwinders at Risk's Jim Schermbeck was one of several speakers at the public organizing meeting on January 13th in Azle, just northwest of Ft. Worth, that saw the creation of a local citizens group to campaign to end the "human-induced" earthquakes plaguing the area for the past several months. On Tuesday, he'll climb aboard a […]

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It Happened Last Night

by jim on January 14, 2014

Azle area families are proud to announce the birth of their new grassroots group, and movement, born last night around 8:30 pm, CST. It's so new, the 300 or so parents haven't had a chance to name it yet. But it does have a mission: challenging the Barnett Shale status quo. There's an air of […]